Free and friendly no obligation survey and quotes available


Free and friendly no obligation survey and quotes available

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After looking for some CCTV to protect our vehicles and property, I contacted Sight-Tec. After a thorough survey, the installer, John explained the options, price ranges and what I would get from each of the systems. He explained everything clearly and helped us decide which would be our best CCTV option. In comparison to two other companies, I found Sight-Tec to be very competitive and informative. Also extremely helpful and friendly.

He fitted the full system within a day and showed me how to use the it, step by step. I have since needed clarification on a couple of points and he is always more than happy to refresh my understanding. It has given us peace of mind now we have CCTV fitted, when we go on holiday I can view our property with a click of a button.  It’s marvellous!  I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They were professional, efficient and above all extremely knowledgable. 

- Mr & Mrs Peters, Acomb, York

After searching the internet for CCTV installers l was pleased to  find a local company .After the initial survey and the agreement to go ahead the insulation was completed without a hitch, it was so apparent that the knowledge of John the installer had put me at ease there wasn’t a question he didn’t answer fully. Therefore I would highly recommend John to any interested party.

- M Stevenson York.

Free and friendly no obligation survey and quotes available

Full servicing and warranty service provided 100% guarantee satisfaction

One year free warranty service included

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